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Date Created : 3rd November 2010

Hello, Esha here! I started blogging back in 2009. After several changes of URL and blogs, I'm positive this will be my final blog. I don't remember how I blog years ago but from now onwards, I'll try to post about my life in the UK (and Malaysia). I'm currently a Marketing student in Cardiff University and expected to graduate in 2017. Travel, journaling, food, tea, calligraphy and Korean shows are my current interest, so you can expect me blogging about that from time to time.

Meanwhile, you can find me at almost  all Social Media under the username 'aisyahwhy'. Follow/add me and say hi! I also post occasionally at 'naybeegation' to share my journal & calligraphy photos.

Disclaimer : All right reserved. All contents post here is copyright to me unless stated.

Last update on 23/8/2016

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  1. omg I love your photography loads! Super, super , super sorry for the delay in reply! xx