Saturday, 14 May 2016

61. Trust Your Gut

14/5/2016 9:24PM

So I had my first paper yesterday. It was OK. Not as much as I expected. I mean, for the past five years, all seven questions are the same except for the year 2013. There is also a pattern like 2012 & 2014, 2013 & 2015. So I studied, memorised and focused on the topics based on the past year questions. But things happened...

Two days before the exam, I was searching for the topic that I wanted to revise and then the random page I opened was "information systems failure". That topic actually came out once in 2013 paper only. So I just passed it through without turning back. The next day, the same thing happened. In my mind...
"Oh, it is the failure. Why is it here? Will it come out?"
"Naahhh, don't even bother it only came out once."
"But, what if?"
"ehhh no wayyyy!"
"but it could be that the pattern of the question will be 2013 & 2016!"
"No-lah! It will be 2012,2014 & 2016"
and it ended there.

However, the day of the exam (yesterday), the morning after Subuh, I opened the book for the last time, but it doesn't happen again. But my gut feeling told me that I should at least read the topic. I was contemplating whether to read it or ignore it. After few minutes of daydreaming, I decided to read it and jot down some important points.

I had the "trust your gut" stuck on my wardrobe since last year.

Fast forward to the exam hall, as I read through each question and feel dissapointed (because they changed the pattern!), question no.6 was something along the line of...

"discuss why information systems may fail in some organisation and the strategies to handle it. (100%)"

I went literally blank as I read that. How could this happen?! I do memorise the notes that I wrote at the last minute, however, I didn't answer that question because I'm not confident spending the weighage marks of 100% in a single question. I would rather answer the question with two sub-questions where the weighage marks are 60-40%.

The main point of this post is that, trust your gut! Even if you don't like it, at least do some effort on it. If it doesn't happen, fine. but if it does happen, at least you can do something about it.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

60. Becoming a planner.

3/5/2016 4:59PM

In case you didn't know, one of my 2016 goals is to be more organised. Hence, I created my very own kind of planner. In January 2016, I began designing the planner book and printed it at ePubli. The design of the planner is hugely inspired by Dear Maison Diary. Having no prior knowledge of Adobe InDesign, I tried creating the weekly & monthly pages by using Microsoft Word. But the feature on Microsoft Word wasn't that satisfying so I watch several YouTube videos on how to use InDesign to make a magazine, book etc. So I did! Combining my never-improve Photoshop skills & basic InDesign skills, I had completed the design process of my planner. All photos in the planner are taken and edited with several apps by me. Here's a sneak peek of my 2016 planner.

Monthly page

Yearly Plan page

Weekly page
Contact page
Notes page
Last page

I put inspirational quotes and Quran verse at the bottom of every weekly page. I also have a bucket list page where I list down all things that I want to achieve this year which among them include be more organised, learn modern calligraphy and brush lettering, discover Wales, hired for a part-time job and much more. I don't have the exact photo of the finished product (I somehow lost the pictures and just don't feel like taking another picture of it)

Fast forward to the end of April 2016, I was tempted to buy a 'real' planner like the Filofax and Erin Condren Life Planner. After few days of research (hahaha), I decided to buy a personal planner from PaperChase. So, on the 30th of April, I went to PaperChase store to buy the planner. I spend quite a lot of money there when I actually planned to buy A PLANNER ONLY but ended up buying other stuffs.

Some stuff that I bought that day & the white book is the planner that I made
first attempt to decorate my 1st week of May
there's really nothing to fill because I have examination event, hence no event

Starter pack.
Recycling this beautiful box from T2Tea to store my washi tapes and stamps

Some stickers and you can see that I work on a messy table >.<
I created another Instagram account for "my road to become a #planneraddict." You can find me at Instagram under username @naybeegation