Sunday, 2 November 2014

56. Kdrama Review: Shut Up Family (닥치고 패밀리)

Hello everyone! So in this post I would like to give my 2 cents on a kdrama that I recently finished. It's not the latest drama, fyi. This will be my first time giving a review to a kdrama after watching dozens of kdrama and became a fan of it. This is my personal opinion.

The kdrama I'm talking about is "Shut Up Family" or later known as "Family". It's a daily sitcom by KBS 2TV aired from August 2012 until February 2013 with 120 episodes + 6 special episodes.

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WHAT? 120+6 EPISODES? You read that right! But you know what, throughout all 126 episodes I don't even get bored watching it. This drama is really really good you won't regret spending your whole day watching it. It took me almost a week to finish this drama. Well, it's a semester break and I had nothing better to do than watching kdrama the whole day. aha.

I won't really explain what's this drama all about because you can read more information about this drama here: AsianWiki or DramaWiki To put it in a sentence, this drama is about two families with totally different personalities and appearances, but they got married and live together under one roof. Hmm, might as well ready about the plot in the link about eh.

Couples. From left: Al, Hui Bong, Ji Yoon, Ji Ho
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What's so good about this drama?
I must say this drama is full of emotions. Love? Yes. Hate? Yes. Friendship? Yes. Betrayal? Yes. Sacrification? Yes. Love-Hate? Yes. and much more, you name it. Afterall, it's about family which is really heartwarming. Eventhough this is a sitcom, this drama touches the reality in a natural way. They don't go overbroad with reality which helps viewers to understand this drama more. Plus, every single characters in this drama are just... I don't know how to say it but you will really fall in love with their characters. The trying-to-be-funny-but-still-funny dad, the nag mom, the unexpected-choding friendship, the love-hate relationship, the four-square-love-story, the lazy-ass-but-always-pretty sister, the ugly-but-cute sister, the top-student-with-no-friends sisters, the clean-freak-with-good-look guy, the too-nice-that-you'll-fall-in-love-with guy and the endless-curious little brother. Gosh, so many characters in this drama but you will never hate them. To add more, their acting & chemistry is really good that sometimes you might think this is not a drama, but a real family story.

Shim Ji Ho as Cha Ji Ho, the clean freak guy with OCD
cr: shikidrama
However, there must be an OTP in a kdrama that keep people watching, isn't? I can't deny it because there's an OTP, no scratch that, OTPs that keep me watching this drama until the end. I ship BongJi Couple, SeoBong Couple and noona-dongsaeng couple.

BongJi Couple (ep 120)

I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE BONGJI COUPLE. I SHIP THEM SO HARD. OMG THEY'RE SO GOOD TOGETHER. (Too bad, Shim JiHo is married and also a father to a son) Ji Ho is a clean freak with OCD as shown in the screencap above but later fall in love with HuiBong the ugly girl nicknamed Herabongles because she's so strong and healthy. But I'm dissapointed with the character described to Yeol Hui Bong. Park Hee Bon who acted as Yeol Hui Bong is actually a goddess I must say. She is really pretty and she resembles Park Gyuri and Kim Tae Hee whose known to be one of the goddess in S. Korea.

Alright, back to the track, I ship this couple so hard that it makes me sad that this drama ended at 120 episodes. I wish this drama have more episodes so that I can watch more of their lovey-dovey scene. Btw, this couple released their duet song for special OST. It's a remake of the OST Part 2 by SunBee "You & I Together". Watch and listen to the song here I never know Shim Ji Ho can sings. His voice is deep and low but oh my, you will melt when you hear his part. Park Hee Bon on the other hand is not a surprise because she debuted as an idol before made into an actress.

SeoBong Couple (ep 104)
As for SeoBong Couple, they are new friends but they get attached that they always stick around. Their personality is also similar, with their choding or childish character. What I love about this couple is that they get attached at a really short time but it seems like they've known each other for life. I envy their friendship. They might fight today, but tomorrow you'll see them reconcile because they rely on each other and they don't have any other friends hahahaha. You will smile and laugh at every scene with them. They totally rock the hilarious character. To describe more about their character, U Bong (right) is a loser and Seo Jun (left) is a fool. Well, actually both of them are loser and fool LOL. In ep 104, SeoJun involved in accident which affected his brain system lol, and suddenly changed character. U Bong felt betrayed and sad that his one and only friend changed completely to another person. U Bong then hit Seo Jun's head with a book and SeoJun is back. I really like this episode. It's really funny.

Noona-Dongsaeng (Ubong & HuiBong)
What I love about this pair is that they always fight and quarrel but it's a way to show their love. Ubong always nitpicking on her sister, HuiBong, saying she's a rotten girl and ugly but he can't stand still if other people said the same thing. He's the only one who can call her sisters ugly and rotten girl. Awww~ Huibong towards her brother, she never lose. If he called her ugly, she kicks him, but she always care. This pair showed the love of siblings. Even though they always quarrel & fight, at the end, they just love each other.

Overall, if you are looking for kdrama with natural emotions that brings you to the reality, this is it. You must watch. You will not regret watching all 120 episodes. How I feel when I finished this drama? I'm not sure how to describe it but I feel so sad that this drama ended so early. They could make 200 episodes I will still watch it. I feel so sad to leave BongJi couple. I'm so gonna miss them. I feel attached to this drama and their characters. The day after I finished this drama, I visit all their possible SNS to stay up-to-date with them. Crazy, huh? XD

Where can you watch this drama?
I'm not sure but maybe you can watch it online either Viki or DramaFever. I download this drama with torrent from asiantorrents. If you are interested to download this drama, I guess the torrent is the best way to download. It takes up about 13GB for 120 episodes. In some episodes, they put some NG scenes at the end of the episodes. For additional special episodes, you can watch all 6 episodes of the special at DramaKBS Youtube.

This is all for my review. There's much more to say but I just don't know how to put it into words. This drama is really beautiful but I just can't describe it in details. If you are watching or watched or will watch, why don't you drop a comment below? Hehehe. I would love to hear from others.