Sunday, 21 September 2014

55. 20 Facts About Me

Nur A'isyah Yusof

#20FactsAboutMe is spreading all over Instagram. I was tagged by someone and I already posted in my Instagram and deleted it after 24 hour. So, if you happened to want to know about me (which I doubt you will) here are 20 facts about me.

1. An ailuraophile
2. Afraid of frogs
3. Myopic which explains why I can't recognize some people unless they start calling me
4. Not a morning person
5. Addicted with kdramas
6. Prefer ahjusshi than oppa in kdramaland
7. Collect books but rarely read them
8. Shoes obsessed
9. Prefer green tea than any other tea
10. 4Nia since 2009
11. Interior Design was my first choice before Business Studies
12. In process of learning calligraphy
13. Spend 80% of my time in front of laptop
14. Don't really like to share my problems with other
15. Plug eearphonesmost of the time which is bad bad habit, I know
16. Collect instrumental songs
17. Never ride a bus from KT to KL because I'm scared
18. I do "Save First, Pay Later"
19. I study with mind maps
20. If I don't talk to you,it's most likely because I'm extremely shy or because I don't like you

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