Monday, 9 June 2014

53. 5th Semester

9/6/2014. New semester begins and this will be my second last semester in Diploma in Business Studies. Well, nothing really changed except that my campus is now under major construction for Computer Science students. One by one, students are leaving the campus and we can see that this campus is starting to get quiet since there are only 3 batch left. The saddest part is, this semester could be our last semester at this campus which mean we might have to move other campus to give a way for CS students. Whatever it means, new place is not an excuse I believe. Whatever comes, it's actually a challenge for us. Talking about challenge, I was grouped in a male group for HR assignment. I'm the only girl with 4 of them are all boys. It'll be my first time in a male group and maybe working with them. I've never really work with them buy I can see that they've done such a great works for the past semesters. I will absolutely show them what I can do. Having an annoying person in their group, I'll show them I'm not weak and I can do better than they think. InsyaAllah. I hope everything will be fine.

8/6/2014. Today was college registration day. Finally, after 2 years straight I got the top bunk bed, I got the bottom bed this time weeeheeeeee! This was my first time for showing up so early at Dewan Utama for the registration. I was there sharp at 8.15 y'na! For the past 4 semesters I registered after Zohor but not this time. It's all because I mixed up my calendar that I thought the registration will be on the 7th which is SO NOT 7TH IT'S FREAKING 8TH!