Wednesday, 1 January 2014

50. What is your word for 2014?

Before the clock ticks at 12 o'clock to mark 2nd January, Ayah asked me, "What is the word you'll live for this year?" I didn't expect for that question so I just replied with "Wo-word? Err... I don't know"
Ayah said his word for 2014 is "excellent" and he told me that you don't need "azam baru" because when it's about azam, everyone has it and they will mostly have their azam list covered a whole notebook. He said you'll need a word to live, only A WORD. Everything you do, you must remember that word.

So, I was thinking what kind of word should I pick. I'm blank. It was past 11 when Ayah asked me and yeah my brain stops working after 10 most of the time. I even thought that maybe I should open a dictionary and pick a nice word from it.
After a minute of thoughtful thinking, I decided to pick "SAVE" for my 2014.
Save means a lot. (or it could be 'secure' as my dad said)
Save money. Save energy. Save time. Save memory. Save knowledge. Save yourself. Save people etcetera

In term of save money, there are a lot to do. I want to because I want to travel, I want to study abroad, I want to tick off my wish list.

In term of save energy, I want to use less water (I take shower for like 40 minutes), I want to save MY energy - don't want to waste my energy on useless thought and thing.

And much more to list!

What's your word for 2014? Let's join the fun of living with a word. A word means thousands of thing, isn't?