Monday, 11 February 2013

42. I'm Still Alive

It's been month since I update this dusty-blog. I don't know, it's just that... there's lack of time and interest in blogging. But I do want to keep this blog alive, as long as possible. You see the image above? Yes, I'm in a war. War of maintaining/improving my pointer and get Deans List for 2nd Semester. It's been 2 months and XX days since I started 2nd semester and it'll end soon without anyone knowing. I mean, look! It's almost 3 months but it feels like I started it yesterday. Time oh time, you surely flies 144215934239 km/h!

Anyyyyywaaayyy, stop the crap, I'm in the process of creating new blogskins. Hell yeah, no update on blog but keep changing skin :p Who cares anyway. This skin is old enough and it's about time to get new 'dress' don't you think?

Until then, salam.
Esha :)

1 comment:

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