Friday, 2 November 2012

40. First SOTD

Howdy! How's your day peeps? Today is a great day for me. I woke up early than usual today and make a few exercise for the abs. And then I checked my Hatchi named Yoon. Poor her, she's full of energy but she's dying because of hunger. So I feed her a lot of food and take care of her hygiene. Then, make myself ready for today. Well, nothing to be done, just living the day as usual ahhahah.

Anyway, stop the craps and straight to the point, shouldn't I? Ok, so I got SOTD!! You know SOTD? It's abbreviation for Skins Of The Day by the Blogskins. It's the place where the bloggers make, submit, use and/or favourite the skins submitted. And among the other skins submitted last day, mine was picked as the SOTD! How greatful I am right now! It's my first SOTD ever since I submit the other 3 skins. And I've been into HTML/CSS and layout making since 5 years ago and to get this 'award' is like an honour to me.

I never thought the skin, 04. Sea Of Love could make into the SOTD list. I made the layout(which is the skin I'm using right now) without thinking I-should-put-this-put-that-so-people-can-put-this-thing-that-thing. Tbh, I made this skin just for me, that I don't want my blog to get crowded with all other things except body post, about sidebar and tagboard. So I never thought this simple and empty skin could make into the SOTD because most of the SOTD have the pretty navigation effect, the extra boxes for affiliate, archives and etc.
I'm really thankful to those people who post comment and rated the skin. I really appreciate it. You guys inspired me to make more skins. Thank you once more!

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