Wednesday, 24 October 2012

39 - Bye and Hello.

Sounds like I'm leaving? No, I'm not leaving but I leaved. Yes, I leaved Semester 1. I mean, Semester 1 had ended successfully. Yahooo! You know what, I had a great times during this first semester. I think I've mentioned this in my previous post. I've experienced ups and downs during the 6 months in the first semester and I learn a lot of things from people around me. Final exam was okay. Let's wait for the results and see what will happen in next semester. Hopefully, fortune will comes to me. Amin~

Tbh, it's been a week since the first semester ended but I just don't have time to update this blog. Ok, LIE. I have time but me don't want to update. Lemme proudly introduce you my friends and my Ganu's family.

Family. We are room mates but everyone has that family character. Sha as Mama, Aida as kakak, Biela as adik and Syihah as adik's bff. Me? I'm just Ecoh lmao

Classmates - BM111/1C. Not everyone here.
Tika and AisyahZ. Friends for life <3

The Aisyahs. From left, AisyahZ, AisyahY and AisyahX
Them. Sha, Aida and Syihah.
And this is Biela.
Classmates. From left, Teha, Sara, Nurul, AisyahZ and Miza.

And this is my baby. hahahha. Dia suka panggil I sayang  or baby xD

AAANNNEEEEWAYYY... during this holiday, I've several project-to-do. Here I list what I want to do :)

1. Diet
I really need to lose some weight. You know, I ate a lot of chickens at Terengganu. Every single day I'll eat at least 2 pieces of chickens. OMG. Do you know how much calories is that? And how many calories I ate just from eating those chickens T__T And when I came back to my home town, everyone saying I gained weight. How awful is that?!

2. Make money
"Money is not everything, but everything needs money." I heard that a lot from Syihah. She said that a lot when topic about 'finding guy for your life' is on lol. But I'm not making money for some guy or what. I just want money to shop. Me want to shop. Bags, shoes, clothes, accessories and everything afforable. I don't even have chances to go shopping at Terengganu so this is the only time for me to go shopping.

3. DIY project.
"Honestly WTF" inspired me a lot. They offered a lot of DIY projects tutorials. Easy step-by-step to follow. I want to try making friendship bracelets, tie-dye cloth, studs and ombre cloth. I've bought the things needed to make the DIY, the only thing left now is to start it.