Tuesday, 25 September 2012

38 - iPod Touch

Alhamdulillah. Ticked one of the items in my wishlist - iPod Touch. My parents gave me this iPod for my 18th birthday. Thank you Ayah. Thank you Mama <3 The delay of the present was because I wasn't here in my hometown and we're probably waiting for the 5th generation to be release. Yes, I got the 4th generation one. There's not much differences with the latest version of the iPod except that the camera is at 1080p, the size is taller, the colours and of course; the price.

If I were to get the 5th generation, I want the blue colour. Isn't it pretty? So, I just upgraded my iPod to the latest iOS version, iOS6. Not sure what's the difference with the iOS5 but I do know that the colours changed hahaha. And I've installed almost all application that's necessary to me. *dulu godek2 kakak punya je* Next thing I want to do is buying accesories for this new baby c: I've pre-ordered the casing and the plug cap. Can't wait to receive 'em soon.

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