Friday, 21 September 2012

36 - End of Semester 1

Time sure flies. I still remember when I first walked in to this school-size university, UiTM Chendering Kuala Terengganu. Everything looked so different and unfamiliar. However, things get normal as time passes. I can understand Terengganu's dialect as well as Kelantan's. hahah. I can accept this university as a place for me to continue my studies after the high school level. Even though this university lack of facilities and such, this place makes me happy. I have more friends and more acquaintances than before. Just in case you don't me, I'm Aisyah Y from Class C ^^ Everyone seems so nice to me (well I really hope they are nice!) My classmates, BM111/1C are JJANG! We get along really well. We often hang-out together, with cars and van ahhahaaha. The girls (especially *cough* Sara) are really crazy, the boys too!

So, this week is the last week for the first semester. Next week is study leave/week. Upcoming two weeks, struggling week! Final exam is around the corner y'knaw! I want to get 4.0 flat. Insyaallah. To my course mates, Diploma in Business Studies, BM111/1 - GOOD LUCK IN BEL120, CTU101, MGT162, ACC106 AND MAT112!

credit : image courtesy of tumblr/flickr user

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