Tuesday, 25 September 2012

38 - iPod Touch

Alhamdulillah. Ticked one of the items in my wishlist - iPod Touch. My parents gave me this iPod for my 18th birthday. Thank you Ayah. Thank you Mama <3 The delay of the present was because I wasn't here in my hometown and we're probably waiting for the 5th generation to be release. Yes, I got the 4th generation one. There's not much differences with the latest version of the iPod except that the camera is at 1080p, the size is taller, the colours and of course; the price.

If I were to get the 5th generation, I want the blue colour. Isn't it pretty? So, I just upgraded my iPod to the latest iOS version, iOS6. Not sure what's the difference with the iOS5 but I do know that the colours changed hahaha. And I've installed almost all application that's necessary to me. *dulu godek2 kakak punya je* Next thing I want to do is buying accesories for this new baby c: I've pre-ordered the casing and the plug cap. Can't wait to receive 'em soon.

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Friday, 21 September 2012

37 - layout seven


Howdy! Please welcome the new skin. I don't think there's much to explain since this layout is really simple-pimple-dimple. ahahaha. So...yes, I create it. Starting from a ugly draft, to coding process, to finding-theme process, finding-image process and etc. Emm, you can hover over the sea on the sidebar beside, and see the magic! just kidding. there's no magic, just a simple-yet-complicated-to-code sidebar. I will release this skin on my blogskins account when I have created a new one for this blog.

Anyway, you can always contact me via twitter @NurAisyahYusof :)
Until then...

36 - End of Semester 1

Time sure flies. I still remember when I first walked in to this school-size university, UiTM Chendering Kuala Terengganu. Everything looked so different and unfamiliar. However, things get normal as time passes. I can understand Terengganu's dialect as well as Kelantan's. hahah. I can accept this university as a place for me to continue my studies after the high school level. Even though this university lack of facilities and such, this place makes me happy. I have more friends and more acquaintances than before. Just in case you don't me, I'm Aisyah Y from Class C ^^ Everyone seems so nice to me (well I really hope they are nice!) My classmates, BM111/1C are JJANG! We get along really well. We often hang-out together, with cars and van ahhahaaha. The girls (especially *cough* Sara) are really crazy, the boys too!

So, this week is the last week for the first semester. Next week is study leave/week. Upcoming two weeks, struggling week! Final exam is around the corner y'knaw! I want to get 4.0 flat. Insyaallah. To my course mates, Diploma in Business Studies, BM111/1 - GOOD LUCK IN BEL120, CTU101, MGT162, ACC106 AND MAT112!

credit : image courtesy of tumblr/flickr user

Saturday, 8 September 2012

35 - 18th Birthday.

6th September 2012 marked my 18th birthday. Yes, I'm 18 now. My birthday this year was celebrated without my family members around since I'm far away from the home sweet home. It feels different without them. Every year, we would celebrate my birthday together, my parents will treat me a dinner at luxury spot with delicious food and my siblings - we all eat like there's no tomorrow and take pictures and make fun and it was really happening. But this year was different :(

The morning of 6th September around 12am to 2am, a lot of my friends sent me text messages wishing me a happy birthday. I was really thankful because they know and remember my birthday. THANK YOU! The morning at 7am, I woke up for CTU101 class. I waited for text messages from my parents and my family. Zero message. I texted my parents "Ma, Ayah...Hari ni hari apa? hehehhehee" While heading to the class, I received a reply from my parents. YAAYY! They remember it's my birthday. As I read the text messages, tears are pooling in my eyes. I miss them.
Ayah : Ingat..Happy birthday...May the coming year be the most prosperous year fr u. Luv u.
Mama : Happy birthday n salam sayang...Mama ingat cuma terlambat nak wish.
My dad asked what gift did I want for this birthday. I was hesitating but I said I want iPod Touch hehehe. He said, when I come back home we can go to the shop and buy it. heeeeeee, thank you Ayah! <3

Then, I walked into the class. My classmates sang me a happy birthday song. I was shocked as I didn't expect them to do that. Thank you so much BM111/1C! I love you guys lah ;) especially Sara aka Aisyah X, because she gave me a bar of chocolate. hehhehehe.

The day didn't end here. There is still a surprise! Later that night, my room mates made a surprise birthday party for me! Ya Allah! It was really a SURPRISE. I NEVER THOUGHT THEY WOULD MAKE IT. The story began like this...

My room mates aka my Terengganu family are Sha (Mama), Aida (Kakak) and Biela (Adik). Around 11pm while I was doing Bussiness Mathematics revision, Biela suddenly wanted to clean the room. She said the carpet nak kena kibas-kibas, banyak habuk. I was.. "Ok. Let's clean the room." And then Sha said..."time-time nilah korang baru nak kemas bilik kan? Bila aku dah balik baru nak mengemas. Nak suro aku jugak." hahahhaha. At that time, I didn't feel any awkwardness or suspicious. Then, Aida told me, my friend, AisyahZ was waiting for me in her room. I went to her room and she told me she was doing Tutorial 8 for Bussiness Math but couldn't get the answer. She asked for my helped. Later, she wanted to print out examination slip and asked for my help. I said "ok. jom lah masuk bilik aku." Theeeeeennnnnn, when I opened the door, I saw Biela on a chair near the door and the room was in dark. I didn't get it that time. Until she poured flour on me. AAAAHHHHH! SERIOUSLY? They sang me happy birthday song with laughter in between. I was really surprised with that. I had never thought they made a plan for me. Bila difikirkan balik, baru terasa the awkwardness bila diorang suddenly nak kemas bilik malam-malam. Sebelum ni takda pon rasanya nak kemas bilik malam-malam. Pandai korang berlakon! Boleh dapat academy award! lol. They bought me a cake. I was really touched with that. Thank you so much guys! I'll cherish this moment forever. We held a small birthday party in the room with bollywood and korean songs. Everyone danced happily especially. T____T Tak taulah macam mana nak berpisah dengan korg nanti :( The first semester is ending soon. Hopefully we'll get same room again next semester.

Anyway, thank you to everyone that sent me happy birthday wish via in person, Facebook, Twitter, and text messages. I really appreciate that. May Allah bless all of you too. Amin~