Saturday, 10 March 2012

chapter twenty-nine, layout five,


Changed my layout again. This is the fifth version. I created this layout from scratch. I mean from sketch, I transfer to code and this is how the layout look like in my draft. I got inspiration from Cindy aka gyapo@tumblr for the left sidebar. Her okedotheme sidebar is really cool!

So I asked her through tumblr asking her either I can use the same style or not. And she said yes. I was happy. But not when I start to code the sidebar. OMG! I'm so lame at using 'tables' in html. I don't have any ideas about using it even though I read her explanation on how the this kind of tables works for 12345231 times. Then I decided to start learning 'complete course' of html at w3schools.

It takes me 3-4 days to complete my html, css and css3 lessons. Only then I know what she said in her explanation lol. Oh, I didn't really basic mathematic skills are needed when creating tables and hovering effect. Now I know how to use table and how I can make the hover effect and the transitions :) I'm so proud of myself hahaha.

Anyway, the colour palette credits goes to design-seeds. I used her caffeine palette. Check out her website. She got tons of pretty colours. For the icons, I got it from toktoks@livejournal. Last but not least, the fonts used in my 'naybeegation __' banners are Ribbon and League Script Thin from losttype.

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