Sunday, 1 January 2012

tutorial two,


First of all you must have torrents client such as bittorent or µTorrent installed in your computer. Then, follow these simple steps.

1) Go to your download source such as semi-fly or d-addict.

2) Search for the file(drama) that you want to download.
continue Step 3 if you're downloading from semi-fly. Continue Step 4 if you're downloading from d-addict

3) Click 'download'.

4) Click any of the 'down arrow' for the torrent file. Usually I will download from the red colour.

5) Click and open the downloaded torrent.

6) A window will pop-up from bittorent when you open it. Click ok.

7) Let's see. Percentage 'Done' showing you the percentage of the download. Wait for 100% and the 'downloading' bar will change to 'seeding'. ETA showing you estimate time for the download to finish.

Help share what you've downloaded by keeping your Bittorrent client running/open for as long as possible after you've completed your download. -d-addict
8) As quoted from d-addict, let the file seeds. You can still watch the drama when it says 100% | seeding.

*ETA mostly depends on how old is the torrent file and seeders. Newest torrent will have short ETA while older torrent will have long ETA. The more you seeds, more people can download in short time. Of course! Internet connection speed plays the role too.

*tbh, I don't know much about torrent, lol. I'm just sharing what I know from a year experience of downloading files via torrent OTL. And believe me, torrent is faster than direct download.

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