Thursday, 5 January 2012

tutorial three,


Tools : Free download manager and HJSplit.

1) Go to for the download sources.

2) Search for the drama that you're looking for. (I'll download a new drama - The Moon That Embraces The Sun)

3) Since megaupload has been blocked in Malaysia, mediafire is the only solutions. Click on the download links.

*You can see that, there are two parts for mediafire link. Make sure you download both of the files.

4) Wait ~5seconds at the advertisement page and click "Skip Ad".

5) Right-click on the download bar and click on "Copy Link Address".

6) Open your Free Download Manager. Click on "Add Download" button below "file" or Ctrl+N.
7) A window will pop-out. The highlighted text is the link that you copied just now. Select folder to save the file or just leave as it is (and remember it).
8) You're done downloading the files! However, you still can't watch it because the files has been split. You have to join them using HJSplit.

# I prefer via torrent because it's easier and faster though the files are big in size at ~800MB.
# Mediumquality.blogspot is one of the direct link sources. I prefer this site because the provide mediafire links and softsubs. Another thing is the files that they shared has been re-encoded to medium quality from high quality. Also, the files size aren't big at ~350MB unlike HQ ~800MB.
# You can also get download links from am-addiction but the site required you to sign-up and they only provide megaupload links.
# Tutorial for joining the files using HJSplit is coming :)

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