Thursday, 19 January 2012

chapter twenty-seven, layout four,


So, here is the new layout! Featuring Namgrease Nam WooHyun. I bet kpop fans know him already. Well, if you don't know, lemme tell you. He's one of the members of trend-idol, INFINITE. Tbh, I'm an inspirit since their predebut days in YAMO(tho there was no name for fans back then). I'm happy to know they received more love from fans now. During CBA and She's Back era, no one from my friends know them T_T But recently, they claimed the members as theirs. erghh, it annoying. How do I say this? Kay, just forget about it. 

Back to the main point, this layout took me 3-4 days. I had problems making the styles of the links. I'm thankful to Zious for giving me inspiration,hehe. And, much thanks to Ixora for pixel icons, PBBU for background pattern, Slayground for textures on the banner and Dream Tree for Woohyun's photos.

P.S : Please, please and please do not right-click to view my source page. I spent hours typing and copying the codes from my previous layout. Do not rip my codes without permission, okay! If you ask, I can give but please don't be an anon and steal it :'(

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