Saturday, 14 January 2012

chapter twenty-five, singapore part four,

{DAY 4}

Day 4 is the last day. We went shopping for a short time, because we're supposed to arrived at the airport by 12PM. But... there is no free seats for afternoon flight :( So we had to take the last flight of the day,  at 9PM. I WAS REALLY REALLY WORRIED BECAUSE I HAVE MY LAST PAPER FOR SPM ON THE VERY NEXT DAY! Thank God, everything was fine and I was able to sit for the paper eventhough I was a bit asleep when I took the exam.

Done shopping, back to hotel to pick-up our luggages and went straight to Changi Airport at 1PM. At Changi Airport, I bought a novel by Haruki Murakami titled "Norwegian Wood." So we were in the airport from 1PM until we took the flight. Tbh, I've browsed around in the airport from A to Z lol.

oh, berangan dgn Longchamp mama hehehe


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  1. It is good to see family that having fun in a trip. very nice!!!