Saturday, 10 December 2011

chapter twenty-five, singapore part one,

{DAY 1}

On 2nd December 2011, my family and I went to Singapore for a short holiday but the main reason we were there-- wedding invitation. One of our family in Singapore invited us for the wedding.

There were two trips. The first trip- me, my mom, my younger sis, Sabrina and my aunt. We went first because my sis, Hajar had to sit for an exam in the morning. So, the second trip- my dad, and the rest of my sisters, Fiza, Hajar and Ain. psstt, I don't have brothers so there's no need to wonder about 'my brothers' haha.

The first trip went to KLIA at 6AM, our flight was at 8.30AM, JetStar. tbh, JetStar Airline isn't that great. Their services are annoying for some reasons :p We arrived at Changi Airport, Singapore around 9-10AM. After the imigration and security check we didn't went straight away to the luggage pick-up instead we went shopping in the airport. but yeah, just window-shop. I saved my money for next shopping malls since the stuffs in the airport are super expensive. Well, you know, it's an airport. Though the shops are duty free, still :(

We were too absurb browsing in the duty free 'mall' that our luggages gone missing! OMG! It was nervous to hell knowing that. One of the kind staff there told us that our luggages has been moved to other place instead of its  usual place because other flights need to use the luggage pick-up tracks as well. And she helped us to find our luggages. Thank God, we found it after running forth and back for the luggages.

Tic toc tic toc, the time has passed 11AM and we were still in the airport. Around that time, the second trip has already took their flight from LCCT. We went to our hotel, Royal Scotts on Plaza by taxi. While my mom check-in to the hotel, we sit at the lobby and took pictures. Here are some pictures at the airport and the hotel :

We got our rooms, 702, 726 and 741. We went to room 702 and have a short rest while waiting for the second trip to arrive. Mama and my aunt were tired, so they took a nap. Sabrina and I went outside the hotel, to the nearest McCafe and bought some drinks. I reason I love Singapore is because they have McCafe, sub-unit of McDonald. all drinks are starbucks-like and I really love the caramel macchiato milkshake. Cost for each regular cup is around $4. Just imagine it's RM4! oh my... I would gain weight in just 3 days.

While waiting for the baristas to make our drinks, we went to the shops around there. Opposite McCafe is MNG but I didn't step my feet there coz I know it'll be hell expensive. The next shop is macaroons heaven! Colourful macaroons are everywhere. From chocolate flavour to blueberry flavor to hazelnut flavor and to infinity~ kkk. price for one piece is $0.50 so I bought one piece only, hazelnut flavor. perrhhh, sedap oh! it's really worth it to spend your 50cents there. The next shop also sells macaroons but it looks more like a restaurant. You can almost find macaroons in every five steps! daebak!

around McCafe.

After this and that, here and there, all of my family arrived in Singapore. We went to Arab Street to have our brunch. Again by taxi. I want to ride the bus but we don't know which bus we should take. As far as I know, Arab Street is famour for its fabrics. Most of the shops sell textiles, fabrics and traditional clothes.

We went back to our hotel at the Orchard Road. Seriously, the night view around Orchard Road is really pretty :3 Since Christmas is around the corner, lights dazzling here and there.

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