Monday, 14 March 2011

chapter twenty-one,

Last week, we were shocked with a really unexpected shock, that is earthquake or tsunami at Japan. I, myself, couldn't believe that Japan was hit by tsunami. At that time, when I was still in my own world, everything was fine. Suddenly, my dashboard (twitter and tumblr) were filled with that news. Seriously, I couldn't prevent my mouth from opened to a bowl size. And that day, was my first day of this year that I visit Yahoo! News, Google News and every single news website that we got in the internet.

One of the reason that I couldn't believe tsunami hit Japan is because Japan is a technology, advanced country. I'm not sure what is the best sentences to give my explanation. One thing that amazed me was the high-rise building in that country didn't hit the ground, instead they're just swaying left and right. Their base foundation must be great enough to do that. I wonder how they do that. And for me to wonder about that, I must study hard in my Engineering Drawing, Physics and Chemistry for sure xD

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