Friday, 18 March 2011



I'm selling my kpop ankle socks collection. I bought it in 2009 when Jaebeom was still 2PM's member. Never use them, and selling them with the cheapest price I can give. Available in Malaysia only. Shah Alam area would be great because we can do COD (cash on delivery).

1 PAIR = RM8
2 PAIRS = RM15
7 PAIRS = RM50
*exclude postage rates.

All 2PM members




Junho *reserved for Zuhur

Junsu *reserved for @nananane

Nichkhun *reserved for Zuhur


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Thursday, 17 March 2011

chapter twenty-two, layout three

Hello readers! As you know, I changed my blog layout every month. Since today is already 17th March and we are heading to fourth week of March soon, it's about time for changes in this blog. This time I'm back with header image. YES! They are BEAST (: No, they are not that animal beast nor 'beauty and the beast' but they are kpop group/idol under Cube Entertainment. I'm not going to introduce them to you, so I have to stop here :P

Yeahhh~ The original picture was from their CLRIDE.N photoshoot. Found it at and edited it using my CS3. It takes about an hour to make the header and one and a half hour to customize all the codes. How is it? Is it okay? I think I will stick with this layout for months because I really like it, hehehe. Mestilah, BEAST kan? My OT6.

Monday, 14 March 2011

chapter twenty-one,

Last week, we were shocked with a really unexpected shock, that is earthquake or tsunami at Japan. I, myself, couldn't believe that Japan was hit by tsunami. At that time, when I was still in my own world, everything was fine. Suddenly, my dashboard (twitter and tumblr) were filled with that news. Seriously, I couldn't prevent my mouth from opened to a bowl size. And that day, was my first day of this year that I visit Yahoo! News, Google News and every single news website that we got in the internet.

One of the reason that I couldn't believe tsunami hit Japan is because Japan is a technology, advanced country. I'm not sure what is the best sentences to give my explanation. One thing that amazed me was the high-rise building in that country didn't hit the ground, instead they're just swaying left and right. Their base foundation must be great enough to do that. I wonder how they do that. And for me to wonder about that, I must study hard in my Engineering Drawing, Physics and Chemistry for sure xD

batch one,

▻8 100x100 Icons.
▻4 400x200 Icons.

Friday, 4 March 2011

chapter twenty,

HI!!! Do you miss me? I don't think so. Whatever it is, just to let you know that next week is my first school test for this year. Eventhough it is a test, a monthly test, I still have to study and do revisions to get a great results. You know, I am an SPM 2011 Candidate! As for today, I've done my revisions on Bahasa, English, Engineering Drawing, Mathematic and Additional Mathematics. The rest 4 subjects are still in process. To everyone who will sit for the exam next week or later, good luck! 화이팅!

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