Thursday, 10 February 2011

chapter seventeen,

I woke up early than usual since I changed my alarm song to BEAST - Mastermind yesterday. The first second of the song is kind of shocking and woke me up from my dream. When I want to take my bath this morning, Citam (my cat) meow-meow and showed the signs of giving birth. Yes, she is was pregnant this morning. She wants to give birth to her new kittens! She kept following me 'asking' me to follow and see her and teman dia beranak. But I can't! It's already 6:30AM and I haven't take my shower for school. Alternative way, find another person to do that, and the victim was Sabrina, my younger sister who was still making the maps on her pillow xD

So, yeah. After I came back home from school, I went straight away to the 'birth-place'. And it turns out that she has 5 KITTENS! I never expect that I got a chance to have more than 4 kittens at a time. The previous were 4,3,4,4,3,4. And the best thing is, black generation is coming! LOL. We used to have brown-yellow generation. But from now on, I think we'll have blacks.

I've snap some pictures of the kittens, but I might upload it later. Or maybe not :P

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