Sunday, 27 February 2011

chapter nineteen,

I joined this one kpop group (base in M'sia) in FB. When the members of the group was still below 100, everything was fine. But after BEAST came to Malaysia last January, the members had increased to two times. And so-called-b2utys also doubled. The things that piss me off is that this one(or two or more) person always post spam things related to BEAST. And she is one of the 'new' members of the group. IDK how to explain this, but she's fckn over!! HELLO!! It's not your twitter that you have to post everything's happening in your life with Beast. If you bought the goodies, and all why must you tell us by posting it in the group wall? You should do that in your wall instead or maybe your twitter. The admin created the group so that we can share what is happening with kpop and not what is happening with you and your kpop -.- Then she keeps mentioning that she's a b2uty and so. I was like, wth.what's wrong with this girl -__________-". it's more that enough to mention it twice but please don't call yourself a b2uty just because you went to the concert. YOU ARE NOT A B2UTY *orinsertfanclubsnamehere* YOU ARE JUST SHOWING OFF. And the best part of this is that, tumblr posts(related to kpop) had been posted too in the group. And they never leave credits. As for example, someone had posted things that she wants to tell the Beast members, with her sincere heart, with all those beautiful words. And this person in the group easily copied the whole sentences with no changes and posted it in the group. Everyone assuming that she wrote it -_____- I know that most of the members in the group are pretending to be a b2uty when there are not. IT'S REALLY PISSING ME OFF. As a result, I will be leaving the group. I must admit it, at some points I regret joining the group. & I honestly dislikes that kind of person. pretending. go away from me.

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