Saturday, 29 January 2011

chapter thirteen,


Holla! We met once again. Or maybe for the first time. So what happened this week, I'm not sure. The time flies so fast like a storm or maybe light. tiktoktiktok. We will be leaving January 2011 in another two days. This January was the hardest for me. This year is my senior year at high school, and we will have to face SPM on this November. Since SPM is really important (!) I have to study really hard to success and get 9A+. For me to be able to study, I must reduce my leisure time and prepare a proper timetable. But, you know. IT IS REALLY HARD FOR ME TO DO THAT! In February, I have to, at least, have a proper timing (for study, ps, tv, dramas).

Anyway, Chinese New Year school holiday has started for me since Friday (while everyone on Saturday). since then, I've been doing my homeworks. Chemistry, Add Math, Math, Pendidikan Islam, Engineering Drawing. Physics is still not done. Not 'not done' . I don't know either we got Physics homeworks or not. Datin haven't post the homeworks as of now. I don't want the homeworks to be arrive next week. Because HOLIDAY IS HOLIDAY! I want a week rest, please.

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