Tuesday, 14 December 2010

chapter ten,

Today is my photoshop day. Since I switched on this laptop, I've been using my photoshop cs3 nonstop. I got so many stuff to do. One from B2R taking request thread, one from soompi secret santa and another one for soompi battle. At this time, I finished doing B2R's members request. They requested for a wallpaper and icons. This is the wallpaper that I made for her,

He's BEAST's Hyunseung. You know, I love BEAST! They are my bias after 2PM <3 and Hyunseung is one of my bias in BEAST (haha, actually I don't know who is my BEAST bias). I like the pictures the she have provided because the pictures made me to like Hyunseung more since he looks so gorgeous in the pictures. I like his kind-of-blonde-semi-curly hair~

And these are icons that I made for another requester at B2R. I don't really like the icons actually since most of them didn't blend well with the textures and they are really simple. But, in other point, I kinda like the icons,hihihi.

Anyway, currently I'm having a colorization battle with Rina and Shazana at soompi. It is my second colorization battle after a battle between me and Rina early this year. We just finished our third round within 5 days since we start it. Currently waiting for the 4th round picture from Rina. This is the thread for our battle. Do stalk the thread and leave some feedbacks.

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