Monday, 6 December 2010

chapter seven,

It's already December right now. I know I am too late to welcome December 2010. I am sorry, I neglected this blog once again. Sorry for that. I just update my portfolio page, if you have so much free time and don't know what to do, you can visit it and do drop some comments about it to me. I am okay with anything when it's about my artworks. "Great" "Nice" "Boo" "FUUUU" "Ewww", haha. ANYTHING. Critics and comments are acceptable as long as you use the curse words at minimum.

Anyway, I found out that Cube Family (G.Na, BEAST and 4minute) are coming to Malaysia on January 2011 for Digi Live Kpop Party. I REALLY WANT TO GO THERE! I have enough money right now but the problem is I am not a Digi user. And I don't know how and when I can buy the ticket. I really really want to go because I really like love Cube Family. Truth to say, I prefer Cube Family than SM Town, JYP Nation and YG Family. In Cube Family, I like all the artists under the company. As for SM Town, I don't really like them, I just enjoy their music ; JYP Nation, I LOVE 2PM and they are my biggest obsession(!) ; YG Family, I like 2NE1 but am not really love them. Do yo get it know? hahhaa,

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