Sunday, 19 December 2010

chapter eleven,

Today is Sunday Junday! Hell yeah, it's BEAST's Junhyung birthday! I don't know how many times I've wished him but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNHYUNG! HWAITING ^^

Anyway, today, I woke up then went for a shower for hour. After that, switched on this laptop and start watching korean drama. Last night I watched Coffee House EP1-EP6 until 5AM in the morning, and I don't think I will continue watching the drama.IDK. And yeah, yesterday I downloaded "Will It Snow At Christmast", a korean drama series and I started watching it today. This drama aired last year replacing "You're Beautiful". At that time the drama didn't attract my attention at all but this week I planned to rest my mind and hands from working on my photoshop, tumblr and other thing so often. Kdrama and Jdrama can really help me with that,hehe.

I've many series and movies downloaded right now. All I need is time -time to watch them. Ok, about "Will It Snow At Christmast", I must say the drama is interesting so far(I'm at EP6). And you know what, the teenage Kang Jin is really cute,lol. His real name is Kim Soo Hyun. When I saw him in this drama, I know that I've seen him in another drama but I couldn't remember it. I tried to recall,and recall then I got the answer! He's from "Giant"! The teenage(also) of someone(idk the name).

I google soompi his name, and found out that he is the main cast for KBS 2TV upcoming drama, DREAM HIGH!! You know the one that will be Taecyeon's rival to have Suzy. YES YES, it's him. LMAO. It seems like I'm crazy over him right now (just like Yoo Ah In XD) Here are some recent(and not) pictures of him that I found in soompi. Gotta make graphics from the pictures soon~

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