Tuesday, 7 December 2010

award one,

Salam and Hye! I'm back today. Today my parents didn't go for work so all of us were forced to wake up early than usual XD Normally, when it is holiday season we will wake up as early as possible at 11AM but today we woke up at 9:30AM. Instead of resting here and there I cleaned up my bedroom. I started right after I woke up and finished at 2PM. "What time is it? It's 2PM!" Almost 4 hours just to clean my bedroom? Are you crazy Esha?! I'm sure that will be your first thought on that XD Well, 4 hours because my bedroom isn't really like a bedroom for a normal teenage girl. REALLY MESSY. But now everything looks fine. I throw away the old magazines and some random stuff. I found the comics too and am thinking to sell it (:

Anyway, I got an award from a blogger. She's my new friend, welcome her, Imiarun! *clapyourhand*

Here are the answers for you, Imi. (is it ok i call you imi,teeeheee)
1) tell me the 5 truth of yourself
i. I used to be a Jonas Brothers fan.
ii. I used to be a fanatic in Bollywood entertainment and not really into it today :P
iii. I don't really like the sparkling and blingbling stuff on blogs.
iv. I prefer film cameras than DSLR
v. I'm not a talkative person in my real life.

2) tell me the 5 truth about my blog.
i. My first thought of your blog, "CUTE! That doodle thing is really cute."
ii. err, since I just found your blog yesterday, I'll stop here because I don't know what to write.

3) do you really appreciate being my follower ?
YES! Because you can teach me Illustrator someday,hehehe.

4) why did you followed my blog ?
To be a friend and want to learn new things.

5) last but not least , the one you want to say to me ! :)
Teach me how to doodle using Adobe Illustrator! haha, muka tak tau malu kan? XD

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