Friday, 19 November 2010

chapter three,

Adobe Products.

This December will be my fourth year using Photoshop. I started using Photoshop when I was 13. It all started from my myspace's friend named Princess Jenny(not real name). Back then I was crazy over anime and manga. There are a lot of RP(roleplay) sites going around in myspace, the players will take characters from anime or manga and make that characters to be themselves. Most of them will edit the pictures by adding colours , changing the hair colours etc. And Princess Jenny was one of them. But her editing skills are extra ordinary! She amazed me with her awesome editing skills. Then, I began my research on how to colour manga, how to change the hair colour of the anime etc etc.

That's how I know about Photoshop. Luckily my sister learnt about photoshop and other adobe products so I asked her to install PS in the computer. At that time I used Photoshop CS2. Without any tutorials, I began my first edit, a plain manga where I coloured the image with sky blue and black for the shirts, pale yellow for the skins, vivid blue for the hair and dark brown for the eyes. BUT, the outcome wasn't nice at all. CREEPY! SERIOUSLY LOOKS LIKE A MONSTER! Ah, I would love to share the picture but the file gone missing :'( Then I know it was because I didn't change the layer options. From that day, I try to brush up my awful editing skills with some helps from myspace friends and tutorials.

Up until now, I think my photoshop skills has been better than before and I'm happy for that. I'm hoping to explore new things other than doing wallpapers,icons and posters. Maybe something like digital painting, doodles and 3D.

As you may know, adobe products has CS5 version today. I'm still loyal with my CS3. CS2 is now gone from my life. From my point of view, CS2 is too lacking. I've tried CS4, but the next day I re-installed it because I think CS3 is much better. Then, last week I tried to install CS5, but I can't due to the minimum system requirement couldn't be achieve. So, I guess I will only use CS3 to the rest of my life.

As for Illustrator, yesterday was my first time using. I didn't do any graphic instead I leart the basic things as a beginner. I'm participating in 30 Days Illustrator Training Course by Vector Diary. What makes me to learn photoshop? Well, I guess it's because I want to expand my wings in graphic designs. I heard from a lot of people that Illustrator is actually the best software(or hardware or whatever you called it) for digital designs. And I got free time during this holiday besides I've given a task to design shirts. Just like Photoshop, I tried to install Illustrator CS5 yesterday, but I can't. So, I'm using Illustrator CS3.

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