Wednesday, 24 November 2010

chapter six, layout one,

Hello everyone! It's 12:00AM right now :D Anyway, I changed my layout. There's no need any reasons for why I changed it,right? It's featuring Kim Junsu of 2PM. He's my ultimate bias from all kpop idol groups. Ok I must admit, he's my 'fantasy' husband,haha. On the top banner (Junsu's image) there are links to severals part of this blog. Navigate around and you'll know. About this layout, all credits have been given at the bottom of the right sidebar. Go check it out, if something missing do tell me. Original image was found on tumblr, and I edit the image using photoshop by adding some colouring, brush strokes and brushes. It' wasn't my best edit because I was too lazy at that time. After 3 days of designing, coding and editing, the layout is ready to use. I'm not using all the 3 days just to make this layout! It's crazy if I really did that(!) In one day, I took about 3-4 hours to do this layout. So, I guess I took about 12 hours to make this layout perfect(?) Right after I post this post, I will offline and start watching KDrama : Prosecutor Princess and try to finish it by tomorrow. Then, after that I will have to edit whatever it needs in our blogshop. Just wait for it, and please help us to be a succesful online seller,hihihi. Last but not least, the portfolio and visitors corner are still under construction. It will takes time to upload stuff but please come again to this blog. 'till then, buhbye~

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