Wednesday, 17 November 2010

chapter two,

Salam and Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all Muslims :) There is less than 30 minutes before today ends. So, today is Hari Raya Aidiladha in Malaysia. We woke up early than usual to prepare raya breakfast and to prepare ourselves--to become pretty than usual. Our menu for this year Aidiladha was ketupat, rendang ayam, lontong, kuah kacang, meat curry and another special menu, Kambing Masak Merah Singaporean Style. I didn't eat mutton, so yeah. Actually, the ketupat was homemade by we the sisters! My mom bought the daun ketupat, and then Hajar, Sab and me did the weaving(anyaman). YES! I know how to do it :P But I'm not that pro yet. Still need a lot of time to weav just one ketupat. In an hour yesterday I was able to make 4 only! Isn't that awful T__T But at the end, I managed to make at least 10 :) We started around 8PM and finished by 10PM. We ate our breakfast, snapped pictures, and moved to Moklong's house. At her house, we ate Nasi Beriyani with rendang tok, and some other dishes. All homemade. WAAAA, I didn't realize that I ate a lot today! What can I do? Exercise? NOOOO. I suffered a lot last week after one day I exercised--doing push-up,sit-up,jogs, everything-you name it! I guess I will just use the Minyak Mustajab that my mom used,LOL. By the way, pictures will be upload tomorrow since my thumbdrive is being a shit right now. It doesn't want to 'read'. My sister jokingly told me to let the thumbdrive to go to school to learn some readings (hahaha, so many to).

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